I momentarily got the Firefox upgrade blues when I upgraded my Pre 1 browser to the 1.0 release. As has happened nearly every time I’ve upgraded Firefox, my installed extensions break.

I figured this upgrade probably didn’t change a whole lot on how Firefox handles extensions, so I thought I could rifle through the extension XPI files and tell them it’s OK to run in 1.0. Thirty seconds later, I said, “that was easy!” and I figure I’d write the instructions here for other folks whose extensions stopped working after they upgraded to Firefox 1.0.

Before I went to the trouble to write the instructions, I checked to see if there already were instructions out there to forcibly “upgrade” browser extensions. Um, yeah, a few, including comments on several extension pages whose authors hadn’t yet upgraded the XPI files.

The first set of instructions I found using Google were from Liew Cheon Fong. So why repeat his work?

I wonder though, rather than unzipping the XPI file, editing the install.rdf file, then rezipping everything back into an XPI file, would it work to edit the exploded XPI file in my Firefox profile directory? I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it should work.