DOD exploring AI for vehicle maintenance

The DOD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is seeking business and academic partners to help shape a potential

large-scale agile development and systems-integration project to provide an AI-enabled predictive maintenance system for military helicopters. The JAIC is looking for solutions that will integrate multiple datasets and provide UIs to view data rapidly, preferably with 3D rotational visualizations.

Responses to the RFI are due May 20.

This potential JAIC project would:

  • Use natural language processing to improve helicopter maintenance logbook accuracy. For example, augmenting standardized check-box type of maintenance information with free-form text descriptions entered by maintenance crews.

  • Use machine learning to predict future helicopter maintenance needs based on historical operational trends.

  • Identify operational and maintenance anomalies and patterns that could be linked to data, such as how the helicopter was flown, the weather, environment (e.g. sandy desert, salty air).

For details, see the RFI link. This project could help the military services save money and potentially save the lives of helicopter pilots, crews, and passengers.

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